Business Plan


To reach large numbers of Investors we choose the Network Marketing as our business type.


The answer is simple: most of the people don't have large amounts of money to invest. To become our Shareholder, you only have to buy one Company Share and for this you will become a part-owner of our company! Every month we will pay out earnings per share based on the profit of our company and the amount of shares you own. You may purchase more shares if you want to, but you MUST own minimum one Company Share to qualify for the monthly earnings per share.

Compensation Plan


The Payout Plan is a simple unilevel system. Let's see what this means!

Every Shareholder is allowed to have unlimited number of Direct Referrals. The more Direct Referrals you have, the more you will earn from the Deepness Bonuses.

The Deepness Bonus is payed 5 levels deep for every Shareholder, without blocking! This is calculated from the number of shares the Shareholders own in your network and is added to your account every month.So no matter if you or your Referral, or your Referral's Referral sponsors a new Shareholder, you will get a bonus for the new Referral and this generates bonuses for you even at the 5th level!

It is not required to sponsor anyone but we motivate you to do so with the Deepness Bonus. This type of bonus is only for those who personally sponsor new Shareholders in the system.As a Shareholder, you are qualified for the monthly Earnings per Share as long as you own minimum one Company Share, so no sponsoring and no new purchases needed! This is a passive income, payed out from the first day!However, if you want to receive the Deepness Bonuses, you have to sponsor some new Shareholders into your network.

Let's see the exact numbers!

First, you need to become a Shareholder. Only Shareholders qualify for the Earnings per Share. For $1000 you will get 1 company share. The value of the Share is fixed. We will send you a Share Certificate which warrants your property in our company. Every month 1% earnings per share will be tranferred to your account. This is calculated from the values of all the Company Shares you own.You can buy more Shares if you want to, but you must hold one Company Share to be able to invest with us and to qualify for the network payouts. 

The Deepness Bonus is 0,1% from level 1, 0,15% from level 2, 0,2% from level 3, 0,25% from level 4 and 0,3% from level 5, calculated from the Share values owned by the Shareholders in your network. This percentage is fix, no matter if you just signed up or you are in the system for a couple of months.
So if you buy one Share, you will get 1% of the $1000 every month as long as you own the Share. You may sell your Shares any time to our Company, we will buy back the Shares with no discount. The last share you own can not be selled. Stay committed to our Company.

The special Amount Bonus is dependant on the capital you invest. If you buy shares for a minimum of $50.000 then you will get 1,5x the normal monthly Earnings per Share. Above $200.000 invested this bonus is 2x the normal EpS. At $500.000 it is 2,5x and the last step is the $1.000.000 limit. If your investment is above this amount, you will get 3x the normal monthly EpS. This is automatically credited to you every month.

To motivate you to get people eligible for the Amount Bonus, this also applies to the direct referrals' EpS!