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Here you can read the latest news concerning our company and our ongoing projects.

We will update this page every time a new development transpires. If you are one of our clients, you will also receive every important news directly to your e-mail box.

You can see the news in cronological order.

07/19Investments in Asia

Our experts did a great job again! Another successful building plot purchase has been completed in Goa, India. Estimated start of building operation will be in 1st quarter 2015. Estimated land value increase is around 300%.

05/06Successful Operation in South America

A three year project came to an excellent end! The building plot purchased at the price of $1.120.000 is now selled at the price of $3.545.000 in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. The profit is 216,5%, our Shareholders' monthly Earnings per Share is secured for another 3 years.

02/21Investments in Eastern Europe

Our specialists used their contacts successfully once again. In Bucharest, Romania a great building project will take place in 4th quarter 2015. and we were able to purchase the lands on which the building operation will take place at really low prices before anyone else could. Estimated land value increase is 400-500%!

10/15Investments in Eastern Europe

The search for new investment possibilities come to a success. A building plot in Tallinn, Estonia has been bought. Building operation will start in march 2016. Estimated land value increase is approximately 300%.

Responsible investing

If you deposit your capital in medium and / or long term investment products, it is important to deposit only the amount of money you can go without until the due date of the specific investment product. Before investing, consider your possibilities extensively. Don't be a hothead! If you become our Shareholder, you can access your capital at any time!


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