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About the IEF

Our latest investment project is called IEF (Immovable Estate Fund). Years of intensive contact building was necessary to create this great project.

The base idea is simple: get the most profit out of immovable traffic. Tenement values are going up 5-20% in some regions of the world, but how is it possible to earn more? It may sound really simple yet it is hard to carry out.

We use our contacts to obtain knowledge of the great building projects in developing countries. The preparations of these projects last severeal years. We buy the building plots years before the actual project comes out into the open so we can sell these plots for much more! The mostly worthless pieces of land become a great treasure. So we sell the building plots to the contractors at a higher price.

In this way we can make more than 5-20% profit per year. The average yearly profit is approximately 80-100%. That is much more you can get whatever type of investment you choose, or you may get so high rates only when the investment is very risky.

So how high is the risk of our project? The only risk is the building project will not be completed, so the tenement can not be selled at such a higher price. Our profit in this case is the 5-20% per year, which is not bad at all. However, our contacts proved to be 100% effective until now so no need to worry. If we can not sell the land for more than the buying price, you will still get your Earnings per Share.

So nothing to risk here for you. Until now, every land we invested in could be selled at 2-4 times higher prices. The most important thing is the timing and the knowledge. Both must be perfect to start a purchase. You can leave this part to us, each one of our experts is a worthy man.

You can buy our Company Shares to support our purchasing efforts and for this we pay you high above the average profits. We guarantee that you will get a yearly 12% Earnings per Share payed out monthly (1%/month).

You may buy more Company Shares to earn more profits. These percentages are payed for every share you own. You may sell your Company Share(s) any time, we will buy back the shares at 100% value, in 90 days, with no discounts! Because it takes approximately 2-5 years to complete a project, it is not advised to do so. As long as you own a Company Share, the Earnings per Share will be payed out monthly.

The capital will be actually utilized to buy a building plot. The profit can only be realized when the plot is selled. When we sell the land before the right time, no extra profit can be realized so this is not an option. We are maintaining our positions until the time comes.

So if this is a so good business why is not everybody doing it? Well, because everybody does not have the knowledge of the upcoming great building projects in the world.

From now on it is up to you to use this opportunity we can offer. If you have any question, do not hesitate, contact us!

Responsible investing

If you deposit your capital in medium and / or long term investment products, it is important to deposit only the amount of money you can go without until the due date of the specific investment product. Before investing, consider your possibilities extensively. Don't be a hothead! If you become our Shareholder, you can access your capital at any time!


If you have any questions about our products or our company, contact us and our support team will answer your questions in 24 hours.